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We are the online men’s club dedicated to erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments and potency enhancers. Both medical and herbal.

On this website we describe many products that help medically and guide our visitors through the complex choice of erectile dysfunction pills and treatments available online. We focus only on online remedies as we know how shameful for many guys to go to doctor and ask for rx to buy Viagra or Cialis in the pharmacy next door. Many men want privacy so here we are to help to choose silently, when sitting in front of a computer or tablet. Basically our aim is to list and describe all possible ed pills one can buy online, say whether they genuine and if they actually work. We are not shy to say that generic pills are the best choice comparing to expensive ED products sold by prescription only. And the reason of that there are plenty of online pharmacy networks and websites that makes money out of it. They sell cheap generic pills, and men are getting their pills without prescription and in an anonymous way. Please don’t tell their wives, ok?

Pills listed on our website are grouped by active substance, we know they are all used to cure erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation. We provide only information we 100% know and if doubts we mention about that. Keep in mind there are millions of men buying ed pills online form all over the world. We also describe how online pharmacies work and why they are considered unsafe by officials (yes, sometimes they are unsafe indeed, but will teach you how to distinguish). And we know where the truth is. So welcome to Men’s Viagra Club. We are the one exclusive source with a great reputation and non official recommendations no one else can offer.

So what are these pills that helps men to get up and perform? They are just pills or liquids or even effervescent tablets that contain one of four known medical substances that widens blood vessels and lets your blood to come into them and get an erection. Simple, right? But their main difference is the side effects and obviously not all of them may work on each particular men. Say Viagra (generic name is sildenafil) works almost for all, but has most of the side effects among others (this doesn’t mean they happen to everyone). Cialis (tadalafil) is second magic pill and third is Levitra or vardenafil. Levitra effect may be not available to everyone but if yes – you are the lucky one as Levitra has lowest side effects amount and percentage of occurrence. And, one year ago there came up Stendra or Avanafil, which is something new that should be considered even safer than Levitra, but currently there are not much data about it.

Second difference between ED pills is the length of their effect. I mean how long they can help to keep erection. Viagra works up to 3 – 4 hours, some Indian sildenafil products works much longer – up to 9 hours. Cialis works up to 36 hours, and , again, some tadalafil pills are working up to 55 hours! Levitra lasts up to 12 hours or … 24 hours. All this hours may change as they depend of dosage of the applied medication and kind of it (actual product that was used).

Another important thing to know is how fast ED pills will start to work. Allow 30 – 60 mins for Viagra, half an hour for Cialis and 10 – 60 mins for Levitra. Why not so precise? Because, again, it depend on many factors. And the best for you is to try selected pill first and then you will get to know when it actually starts working. Some external factors may affect this process. They are fatty food and alcohol. All brand Viagra, Cialis or Levitra do not permit these extras before taking pills. However, some Indian products does allow them as they come in a liquid or chewable form and adsorbs faster right in your mouth. These are obvious benefits of generic ed pills before branded ones. In our pills database we always state all factors that is important when taking each particular product. And never try Ed pills for the first time if you are expecting some sex right now. This may lead to a big failure. Of coarse real doctor may help you to determine the right dosage and the product, but if you want to play solo, you will have to experiment, but please be very careful. Always start from a lowest dosage and see the effect.

Do you think that after swallowing ED pill you will have strong erection all the time? No way, that will make life impossible. All ED remedies work only when you are aroused, and only then, as in normal case it should be, you will get a real erection and it will last as long as you partner will keep up your sexual arousal.

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